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Safe and Secure provides a wide range of residential locksmith solutions including lock installation, lock repair and rekeying lock cylinders. Have you recently moved, lost track of a spare set of keys, or can’t get into your home or safe? Has there been a rise in break-ins in your neighborhood and you want to upgrade your home security? We offer round-the-clock residential locksmith services to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Residential Emergencies

Whatever your lock-related home emergency, Safe and Secure Locksmith has got your back. We can be there in as little as 15 minutes to replace lost keys, rekey door locks, remove a jammed key, or extract a broken key, Any time of day or night, call us for fast, professional service.

Our responsive and trustworthy locksmiths can be there in as little as 15 minutes. View our full menu of emergency locksmith services here.

Rekey Locks

Locks do not always need to be replaced, often they can be rekeyed instead. When done correctly, by a professional, rekeying locks is a cost effective alternative to complete lock replacement – because it preserves the original lock while enabling a different key to be used. Rekeying is useful for homeowners who want enhanced security without the expense of purchasing brand new locks for the entire home.

Lock Repair

Over time, wear and tear of locks and lock hardware is extremely common. Malfunctions and degradation can be caused by frequent or hard use, breaking a key in the lock, latch misalignment, or old age. If you have noticed issues with your lock, changes in the way it operates or difficulty turning your key in the lock, then you are likely in need of lock repair. Safe and Secure offers a variety of solutions for lock repair services designed to ensure your home’s security.

Home Lockouts

If you are locked out of your home, do not panic. Safe and Secure Locksmith can be there very quickly to get you back in. We employ safe strategies that won’t compromise home security, including: picking (or raking) the lock, using an appropriate bump key, or if required, drilling the lock. Under no circumstances should you attempt to force entry yourself by “breaking in” or climbing through windows. Not only will this put your personal safety at risk, it puts the home’s safety at risk as well. Instead, contact us immediately.

Changing Locks

Whether you’ve noticed that your locks are showing signs of wear, not working the way they once did, or simply wish to upgrade your home’s security – it may be time to change your locks. Our mobile technicians carry a wide variety of locks ranging from doorknobs and deadbolts, to master locks. Safe and Secure will assess your lock in person, and if repair is an option we will get it working properly again. However, if it is damaged beyond repair, we will replace the lock with a new lock that works with your door and will keep your home safe for years to come.

Lock Selection / Installation

If you’re unsure about which lock is best for your new door, Safe and Secure Locksmith can help you make the right selection and get it installed for you without damaging the door. If you wish to upgrade the locks on your existing doors, for security or cosmetic reasons, we’ve got you covered there as well. Out experienced locksmiths have many years of experience choosing the right locks for all types of doors.

Broken Key Extraction

Broken or “stuck” keys can be caused by using too much force or turning the key incorrectly, and sometimes it’s a result of extended wear and tear on the lock or key itself. Whatever the cause of your broken key, Safe and Secure will be there fast to extract the key and get you into your home safely. Attempting to extract the key on your own can result in further damage to the lock, and further risk to the security of your home. Call us immediately so we can resolve your broken key situation quickly.

Safe Lockouts

Whether you’re locked out of a combination lock safe or a digital lock safe, Safe and Secure Locksmith can help you regain access to the valuables inside of it. Safe technology has become very advanced and in many cases a lockout will require drilling, wedging, sawing or other forceful methods in order to get access. We strongly warn you against attempting these methods yourself, as it highly probably that you will damage the contents inside the safe. Safe and Secure cannot guarantee that the safe itself will be unharmed in the process – but we will use all of our skills to protect its contents.

Camera Security System

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems help prevent theft, robbery and vandalism and provide much-needed peace of mind. Offering 24-hour surveillance either in the home or around your home’s perimeter, CCTV allows you to monitor your property, visitors and even your children through remote control access and alerts/notifications. Safe and Secure Locksmith provides consultation services, system equipment, installation, and ongoing support and maintenance for all of your CCTV camera security needs.


Lockout Services


  • Regain access

  • No harm to lock

  • Rapid response

Rekey Services


  • Preserves lock

  • New key

  • Cost efficient

Lock Change


  • New Home

  • Anti Theft

  • Master Key

Key Extractions


  • Broken Key

  • Jammed Key

  • Replacement

Safe Lockouts


  • Combination Locks

  • Digital Locks

  • Vaults

Camera Security System

$150 +

  • CCTV systems

  • 24 hours surveillance

  • Ongoing support

*Flat service fee (trip charge) of $55 applied to all visits. Service fee deducted from total if services are purchased. ** All prices are estimated. Prices can vary – many factors can affect the price.*** Final cost will be determined and provided by technician before starting the job.

Customer Reviews


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  • I got locked out of my car they came within 30 minutes of my call very professional and very polite and price is reasonable. I hope I never get locked out of my car again but if I do I know who to call now.

    Lior Dinar
  • Today I came home and I needed a new lock on my door. I called Safe and Secure and they came in less than two hours: new lock on my door, quick perfect performance.

    Erica Wright
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